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Kingdom Knights is a casual game which focuses on role-playing, simulation and strategy gameplay, combined

- Explore to the End of the World

Create the kingdom to your heart's desire on the SPHERE world! From a small village to a lush kingdom, establish a multi-continental empire!

- Lead the Forces of Justice

Build barracks and units, research skills, hire mercernaries, use tactics items or work with other players to prevail your enemies!

- Fun and Furious Battles

Get bored with round-based battles? It's time to for some real-time 3D refresher!

- Campaigns, Discoveries and Surprises!

Join the glorious crusade of challenges, surprises and achievements. You can always expect more than you thought.

- Become a True King

Whether it's a Gryphon Rider, Dragoon, Tank Commander, Lich Lord or even an Elvish Ranger! You choose your own Path!!

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July  16, 2013 updated
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